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I grew up in an unusual environment. My early years were spent between my father’s auto parts business and my mother’s antique store.  In spite of the commitment of running his business my dad was a “weekend warrior” musician.  In addition, mom owned and antique business. She had the eye for beauty and appreciated the finer things in life. Between auto parts, machine shops, the smell of oil and grease, and my mom’s wonderful treasures, my creative self was born.

I worked with my hands at an early age.  There was always steel shelving to be assembled with an array of every tool one could want.  I hammered wire and used screws and nails to make simple pieces of jewelry even as a child.
After a stint as a hairdresser I was able to afford Art school.  Once exposed to painting, sculpture, fibers, metal smithing and more, I was hooked!

My jewelry today is bold and expressive. One can see that I love statement pieces.
Working in copper, silver and glass along with vintage beads and wire my work takes various forms: a culmination of the hard and soft of my childhood experiences.

I do not reproduce my work.  All of my pieces are one of a kind.  People often tell me that my jewelry makes them happy.  My reward is when they fall in love and give the piece a home.

“Life is too short to wear boring jewelry”

Follow your dreams.